How To Upgrade WordPress To PHP 7 (And Why You Need To)

The first step when moving any website should be to make sure you have a complete and current backup of your site should anything go wrong and to ensure you are moving the freshest version of your site so no content, comments or other data is lost in the move.

  • If the person is willing to wait, they will eventually be served a completely loaded website
  • Unzip the plugin files
  • For all bloggers and Content writers using word press platform
  • Social icons menus
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  • Unlimited malware and hack cleanup

However, if you plan to move the site yourself, then we can help you. You’ll see the shared hosting plans and the features available for each plan. You may have noticed that when you open any website then you would see any icon along with the name of the website in the tab.

On your dashboard on the left side, why is wordpress so slow ( you will see ‘plugins’. In real-time it will make suggestions and check lists for how to properly write your content to ensure you’re hitting your keywords and optimize your google search results. Perform a search for the following plugins. Start by downloading plugins that will be helpful. The first screen will list your current Gmail accounts and ask you to select the one you want to use, or prompt you to create a new account altogether. Once activated, go to the tab on your left side screen called ‘Wordfence’ and select ‘options’. Click the tab and click ‘install new’.

A new tab appeared: Must-Use. This shortcode grabs the content from any other page on any other site within the Bates network and displays it as if it had been written directly on the current page. 4. The Publish section of the page editor is exactly the same as for writing posts. I have a list of free must-haves. Then, they take over your site and that’s when services aren’t free anymore, you will have to pay to get their malware and viruses removed.

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